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What I'm pondering 2/22/2019

Is there an afterlife?

In my last year as an undergraduate, I was required to take a world history class. My first exam concerned the causes of the Crimean war. I thought hard about the questions for about ten minutes, and wrote one word on the exam paper: 'GREED', and turned in my paper. As you can imagine, I failed the exam. I have not stopped my search for root causes even though I failed that history exam. I still stand by my answer - it was just GREED. This brings to mind - what is the root cause of so much of the turbulence and rancor in our society?

Is it not a lack of belief in life after this life - the afterlife?

Belief in the afterlife is at the root for all moral and ethical behavior. It is the ultimate long term goal with very serious consequences. Without a system of long-term punishment and reward, why bother to be good? This life is short, and if this is all there is - why not be greedy, and self-serving? All the world's major religions see the afterlife as a critical part of God's creation.

Our slow but steady loss of concern for the afterlife has lead to the slow but sure disintegration of our society. Again, why do good and resist evil if there is no reward or punishment for our short time on earth? Sadly, you will never hear the idea of an afterlife mentioned on our daily news shows, and only a few Christian churches emphasize the afterlife - many preach a prosperity gospel. Islam is the exception. Belief in the afterlife and the consequences of beliefs and deeds in this life are central to Muslims.

From the major religions

Belief in an afterlife is at the root of just societies, and the ultimate reason for ethical behavor. Without it we end up with anarchy, as there is no final reward or punishment for our either our beliefs or our behavior. Sadly, we seem to be heading that way as I pen this note.

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